The royal hound of Egypt, the Saluki may be as old as the oldest known civilization. They were named after the Arabian city "Saluki" in the Middle East, which is now vanished beneath the sands. Their bodies were often found mummified like the

bodies of the Pharaohs themselves, and their pictures appear in ancient Egyptian tombs dating from 2100 BC.

This breed is thought of by the Muslims as a sacred gift of Allah, so these hounds were never sold but only offered as gift of friendship or homage. The Saluki is also known as the Gazelle Hound, Arabian Hound, or Persian Greyhound, and as its appearance suggests, it is probably quite closely related to another ancient breed: the Afghan Hound. 

It is native to the area from eastern Turkestan to Turkey.

The Saluki is a brilliant desert sight hunter capable of incredible speed and agility over rough terrain.

The Saluki was used to course gazelle, the fastest of the antelopes.

They have also been used to hunt fox, jackal, and hare. In the West, this breed is primarily a companion pet and show hound, although they have also been successful for racing .

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